Our member organisations are working closely together to provide advice and support for people affected by cancer and their loved ones. If you’re worried about the impact of #coronavirus there’s further info: https://walescanceralliance.org/2020/03/24/cancer-and-coronavirus-qa/

Welcome to the Wales Cancer Alliance.

The Wales Cancer Alliance (WCA) promotes the best cancer prevention, treatment, research and care for people in Wales. Every year we invest more than £20m in Wales and contribute to the development of cancer policy.

We believe that people affected by cancer and their carers should be at the heart of co-creating new services and cancer policy. The third sector has an important role to play in developing, reshaping and delivering improvements in cancer care. We do this by working in partnership with the Welsh Government, the NHS, local government and other stakeholders.

For more information please contact: [email protected]

Richard Pugh (WCA Chair)

Lowri Griffiths (WCA v.Chair)

Marguerite Holloway (WCA v.Chair)